Exporting a Panel

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There may be times when you'd like to collect, in one place, all the files used to create a Panel -- both the background bitmaps and the Gauges themselves. This is useful as a first step for creating an archive of files, or for sharing your Panel.


The Export Panels function does just that. The Tools:Export Panel menu pick displays the following window:




The Destination Directory is where the files will be placed. The Exclude standard Gauges option, when turned on, will prevent "standard" Gauges from being copied. The list of standard Gauges contains all the Microsoft supplied Gauges in FS98, CFS/2 and FS2000/2 Professional. All other Gauges will be copied to the destination directory.


When you select OK, all of the Panels' Gauges and bitmaps, and the panel.cfg file, are copied to the destination directory. The current files are unchanged.