Cockpit Lighting

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The Tools:Configure Lighting Effects... tool is available for FS2002 and FS2004. When the simulator is in night mode, you can adjust the overall color of the night lighting seen on the panel. In addition, Gauges which are built with the IMAGE_USE_LUMINOUS flag, will also "light up" with the color selected defined by the Luminous color. For example, the following panel.cfg:







will result in the following in FS Panel Studio:




You can adjust how the Gauges and Panel interact with the day and night lighting. The Night color is typically used to simulate overall cockpit night lighting, and is normally a dull red color. The Luminous color is normally used to simulate internally lit Gauges. You can use the Day color to change the overall color cast of the panel during the day without having to edit the panel bitmap or any of the Gauges.


NOTE: The Luminous color will only affect Guages with the IMAGE_USE_LUMINOUS flag set when they are created. You can view a Gauge's flags with the Gauge Editor tool.