Running for the first time

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Flight Simulator Installation Directories


In order to find the installed Aircraft and Gauges on your system, FS Panel Studio needs to know where you've installed your Microsoft Flight Simulator software. The first time FS Panel Studio runs, it searches your registry to try to determine this automatically. In most cases this will be successful, however if you wish to edit panels installed on another system over the network, or FS Panel Studio can't find your install directories, you can manually set them.


This dialog will also be run automatically when FS Panel Studio detects that it is being run on a computer for the first time.


To set your directories, select Options:FS Mode and Root Directories... from the main menu. The following window will appear:




In this example, FSX is installed on D:\FSX, FS98 in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator, etc.


To change the Install Directory, type in the new path, or use the Browse... button to help find your directory. FS Panel Studio will store this information in the System Registry and you won't need to enter it again.